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Through a Glass Darkly:
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Check Up

I am OK. No, really, lifeís a blast,
if thatís what you still say these days. Itís true
I do forget some things. The distant past
is clear as I could wish. Itís just whatís new,
what happened yesterday, last week, thatís where
I come adrift, but is that any more
than simple ageing, all the wear and tear
of burning candles at both ends? Iím sure
itís nothing. Though there is... one tiny doubt.
You see, itís when I wake I donít recall,
some days, my leaving such a mess, clothes out,
the window open, marks along the wall.
And in my mouth a little blood. All fine,
but hereís the thing. It doesnít taste like mine.

[Nemerov Award finalist 2009, first published in 'Measure' Vol V 2010]